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CPU122 series PLC inherits the economical features of UN120 series. It can meet the industrial or civil applications (such as buildings and fire protection) within 14 points, and is an ideal choice for the upgrading and transformation of traditional time relay control systems.

· The CPU122 body integrates 8-point digital input/6-point (transistor/relay) output.

· The program space is 6K, and the data space is 2K. Support MicroWIN programming and debugging.

1 standard PPI communication port, host free port and MODBUS-RTU communication protocol

Model No.


Order No.

UN 122-1AA23-0XB8

  Side View

  technical parameters


model CPU122 DC/DC/DC
order number UN 122-1AA23-0XB8
Input voltage

20.4 to 28.8VDC

Sensor output current

General Features

Program/Data Memory


Digital I/O Image Area

16 (8 inputs/6 outputs)

Total number of timers (T)

T 256 (4 1ms, 16 10ms, 236 100ms), time interrupt 2 resolution 1ms

Counter (C) / Memory Memory Bits (M)


Communication Interface

1 RS-485 interface (standard PPI communication port, supports free port and modbus communication)

PPI communication baud rate

9.6, 19.2kbps

Maximum allowable expansion I/O modules

not support

Digital Input Characteristics

The number of digital input points integrated in the machine

8 inputs support PNP/NPN

Rated voltage

24VDC, 4mA


yes opto-isolated

Digital output characteristics

Local integrated digital output points

6 outputs

output type

Solid State - MOSFET

Rated voltage 24VDC
Rated current per point (max)


Environmental parameters

Working temperature


Ambient relative humidity


Protection class


Dimensions (W*H*D)



  Wiring diagram

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