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17 learning 17 growing | UniMAT product training activities ended successfully

17 learning 17 growing | UniMAT product training activities ended successfully

The coolness brought by Hato is only temporary, and the sun shines again this Saturday. Thank you new and old users for sacrificing rest time and coming to participate in UniMAT's product training activities in the face of the hot day.

The first batch of customers came from Guangzhou and Zhongshan. They arrived at 11:00 a.m. because they were worried about traffic jams on the expressway. Some customers arrived at 1:40 and kept saying that they were sorry for being late. Our users are so cute.

This training mainly shared the application of PLC, HMI and servo, focusing on practical operation, allowing users to touch the product and know how to use the product. The on-site users showed great enthusiasm, and they truly mastered the use of the product through listening, operation, asking questions, and one-to-one answers. In the Q&A and lottery sessions, everyone was also unstoppable enthusiasm, which not only enriched their spiritual reserves, but also took home the prizes, making them happy.

Thank you again for coming, and thank you for your valuable suggestions to UniMAT. UniMAT will stick to its original intention and move forward on a down-to-earth basis. see you later!

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