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UniMAT three network port gateway new product release

UniMAT three network port gateway new product release

Three network port gateway

UBox is a data acquisition terminal product in the overall solution of UniMAT Industrial Internet of Things. It is used to connect PLCs, inverters and instruments and other equipment, realize networking through WAN, WIFI, and 4G, and transmit device data to UniMAT cloud platform.

In response to the market demand for triple-port gateways, UniMAT  newly launched the triple-port gateway UBox-4G-3L.

1. Support switch mode, WAN port can automatically obtain Internet IP

2. Support router mode, three network ports can support IP addresses of three network segments

3. Real-time data monitoring, group management

4. Cloud storage of historical data, resume after disconnection

5. Cloud configuration monitoring, mobile phone & PC

6. Alarm information push, WeChat phone SMS APP

7. Various transmission methods, MQTT/HTTP/OPC

Order number: UBox-4G-3L


Official hotline: 4000300890

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